Useful Resources

I hope you have enjoyed using this mini site to learn about the history of gambling, from ancient times all the way up to the present day. If you would like to discover more about this fascinating topic, my suggestion is that you check out other useful online resources (or find your nearest library!)

Below, I have provided a handful of links to other websites which offer both a general look at the history of gambling as well as some useful articles that focus on specific findings and news stories.

New archaeological findings dating back to the Anglo Saxons (from the Guardian website):

An overview of ‘the history of gambling’ which cites several other useful academic papers written on this subject (in PDF form):

A comprehensive academic paper entitled ‘AUSTRALIAN GAMBLING COMPARATIVE HISTORY AND ANALYSIS’ (PDF, free to view!)

An academic insight into the chronological events that shaped legal gambling in the US:

An online article describing the history of gambling with some handy infographics: