Our Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy applicable to all pages of the domain casino-de-saxon.ch. This page describes the processes this website takes in collecting, keeping and managing the data of users who visit this website either directly or indirectly and deliberately or by accident.

Personal Acknowledgment

As the user, you acknowledge that data (i.e. intellectual property) collected by Casino-de-saxon.ch is owned by the creator of this site and any subsequent companies that come into ownership of the website. In no way will we sell, share or distribute any personally-identifiable user data to any other website, company or third party of any type. We endeavor to take all reasonable measures to keep such sensitive information private.

However, as owners of such data, we do reserve the right to use the data for marketing and web analytic purposes. This may include the dissemination of marketing materials via email or using website data to track users’ online behavior within this site.

Collection of data

Such above-mentioned data collection may be through automatic or manual methods. This may be in the form of cookies automatically left behind when users access this site, or in the form of sensitive information such as names, locations, email addresses and telephone numbers that users may enter while browsing through this site, such as within a contact form.