About Me

This ‘About Me’ section of Casino-de-saxon.ch provides a little background information about me, this website and how this (hopefully) useful information resource came about.

This website combines my own passion for history, gambling and casinos which has steadily increased since I left university in the UK. In fact, during my time at university I actually studied about history, which included certain modules focusing on ancient civilizations and as well as anthropology in general. It’s thanks to this educational background that I am able to write about certain areas of history.

My interest in gambling has slowly grown as I have travelled around Europe playing at some of the top casinos around. Also, from time to time, I like to dabble in the world of online casinos, playing a few times per week either at home or on my mobile. Thankfully, I find it easy to keep my betting relatively low and never bet funds that I can’t afford to lose – I hope you do the same while enjoying the history of gambling outlined on my site!